Oena by Oena

Don’t call it a rebrand

We spruced up the branding for our second favourite client (Ourselves!)

Hello, we're Oena. We've been quietly working on our rebrand over this past year in-between client work. This wasn’t solely a new website and name, this rebrand included a new direction for our company and much of our design/brand system.

This was one of the toughest projects we’ve ever worked on as it tackles the age old design problem that “you're never happy with your own brands design” which is true to the very core. You end up scrapping a lot of work and starting again more times than anything else (we feel we're better at creating for our clients you see).

What we did

Everything (duh)

Meet Oena

Our new logo

Our new logotype is completely lowercase. We didn’t want to use any capitalisation as we don’t want make ourselves look too serious. Did you know a rounded typeface also comes across more friendly? (yes we’ve done our research) and we like to consider ourselves a friendly bunch.

  • Space Coal#1B1B1B
  • Shadow#292929
  • Deep Mist#9B9B9B
  • Fog#F0F0F0
  • Snow#FFFFFF

Putting the O in Oena

Our logo development

The ‘O” is our brands flag. It’s bold, perfectly symmetrical and we like to think it has a lot of weight. With that in mind we created the remaining letters of our name Oena around it. Simplicity is key and we wanted to make sure we’d have a logotype we could use for years to come.

Maaxing out our typeface

Our logo development

Maax is our core brand typeface. It’s used throughout our site and everything tied to our brand from marketing materials to internal stationary.

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