Good Old Boys

Classic style for the modern man

Upping their game

Whilst Good Old Boys already had a brand created when they came to us, they still didn’t have a website to sell their new products on or a concrete marketing strategy.

Good Old Boys initially approached us in 2014 to work on an exciting new start-up that focused on male grooming, this was around the time the industry was just starting to boom. They pushed themselves as a contemporary company with a classic English gentleman influence that offers a unique concept of formulating, producing and supplying high end grooming lifestyle products. Their collections have been created through carefully choosing materials throughout the country and then by creating their own unique formula that has a twist of classic English design and style.

Whilst Good Old Boys already had their visual identity and products lined up they still needed an eCommerce website to sell them on and a clear marketing strategy to promote them. This is where we came in.

What we did

Web Design, Big Cartel, Branding, Marketing

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Now, look here

Photography is key

When Good Old Boys came to us they already had their branding created but their photography screamed start-up. We put together a plan in place to make sure Good Old Boys photography stood out from the crowd.

Easy to use CMS

Big Cartel backend

You’re probably wondering ‘what’s Big Cartel?’. Well back in the early 2010’s, Big Cartel was all the rage within the eCommerce clothing scene as a gateway for young brands to get an online store up at low monthly costs. Think of it as yesteryears Shopify with a more stripped down backend.

View products anywhere

Elegantly responsive

The Good Old Boys website was created back in 2014 with mobile in mind, so customers could buy their products anywhere.

Good Old Boys in your inbox

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Okay so Good Old Boys had their branding complete, all their products ready to go and a brand new website… now what? We worked closely with the brand to come up with a monthly marketing strategy that would aim to get them on the map. This comprised of monthly newsletters, paid social media posts and Adwords.

Start showing off

The end result

The Good Old Boys website is one of our longest standing projects. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing the brand grow since its launch in 2014.

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