A modern fitness festival

Giving Fitfest a lift

FitFest came to Oena to bring clarity to its original vision of creating a fitness festival infused with music and good vegan based foods. We set out to develop a visual identity, a website, a strategy and a ticket app to get them out into the fitness world.

FitFest approached us to help create an exciting new brand for a fitness festival taking place yearly in Bath. The target was mainly fitness fanatics, but whilst also appealing to the occasional gym goer at the same time. The festival aimed to offer live music, a huge indoor expo, seminars from some of the industries finest, a strongman competition and much more. With a range of music throughout the day, the festival wanted to create a more laid back vibe whilst coming alive at night for the after party with well known DJ’s attending and multiple bars opening.

With already big fitness festivals such as Bodypower dominating the gym world, FitFest wanted to mix fitness with a music festival experience to give them a new edge on the competition. FitFest had clear big aspirations for its first year in business and we couldn’t have been more happy to have been involved in this project.

What we did

Web Design, React.js, WordPress, WooCommerce, Branding

Fitness and music

Logo and colours

We took FitFest’s original vision and created a logo for the brand, that seamlessly combined fitness and music together with a dumbbell and musical waves. We wanted it to resonate with their target audience and we like to think we did a good job. For the colours we decided on a bright orange for their primary colour. Contrasting the FitFest orange as we called it, is an off black and charcoal grey.

  • #DE6D3A
  • #0F0F0F
  • #191919
  • #E5E5E5

Get your tickets!

Straight to your inbox

FitFest wanted to sell tickets direct to customers through their site which would not only allow them to be more flexible but to also offer lower ticket costs. We created a robust ticket system which would email customers their ticket and number direct once payment was complete. During the actual festival, we created a simple ticket scanning app that would allow staff to scan customers tickets on entry.

Easy to use CMS

WordPress backend

FitFest needed a CMS that would not only allow them to post updates and blog posts. But to also allow the businesses to keep track of ticket sales with reports. We went with a headless WordPress approach for this development that was paired with React.js.

FitFest updates anywhere

Beautifully responsive

We made FitFest’s new website pixel perfect on all devices so customers can buy their festival tickets anywhere and get updates on the go without the need to sacrifice design or functionality.

FitFest in your city

Attracting the masses

To help promote the new festival and get it seen, we created a poster campaign to dot around nearby towns and cities. The idea was to announce newly confirmed athletes that would be attending or doing seminars at the festival over a weekly to monthly basis.

Start showing off

The end result

With strong first impressions from customers when FitFest launched, they have continued to grow massively and sale tickets have gone past initial projections.

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