Oena//Oct 16, 2019

Say hello to our column: Ask Oena

Oena's new column where they share their thoughts, advice and experiences in this crazy agency world.

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Say hello to our column Ask Oena

Our new column

We love sharing our experiences here at Oena. The industry is ever changing and we believe we can learn a lot from each other just by openly discussing topics that most agencies wouldn’t normally talk about.

This is why we came up with Ask Oena, which is going to be our very own column to share our infinite wisdom and experiences within the industry. Whilst we aren’t going to give away all our secrets we’re going to share with you as much as we can. This will range from advice, how our agency operates, all things design, development, branding, marketing, products, photography and more. We must stress though our words are strictly our thoughts and we aren’t saying by all means it’s best practice and what works for some might not work for others. What we've done however has allowed us to continue to solve our clients problems to the highest degree and also allowed us to grow as an agency.

How it's going to work
  1. We’re open to questions from you. You can either email us at hello@oena.agency with the subject “Ask Oena” or by hitting us up on social media. You don’t have to include your real name if you don’t want (hello anon). We aim to pick two to three questions a month.
  2. Occasionally we’ll pick a topic to discuss ourselves if something comes up that we couldn’t resist sharing.

A full service agency

Oena is a full-service agency, hard at work designing and building beautiful digital products, brands, and experiences. In our spare time we also like to run our blog and share our experiences in this ever changing industry.

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