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The tl;dr

Combining creativity and technology with human emotion

First of all, welcome, you have found Oena. And no, that’s probably not how you pronounce it, want to know for sure? Click the audio button below. Okay now we have that out the way, let's get to the point of what you're probably here for.

We are a small team of creative individuals who believe that good design makes businesses grow. With that said, we create brands, build products and market things. And we do this by using strategy, design, content and technology to do it. Over the better part of a decade we’ve had the pleasure of working with start ups to global organisations across the world. If what we’ve said intrigues you into potentially working with us or maybe you just want to see what we’ve done, click a few links and check out our site. But don't worry, We won’t be offended if you don’t.

psst... OENA is pronounced OH-en-ah
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Hold it right there

What we actually do

So we create brands, build products and market things… but what does all that mean? Great question. We like to consider ourselves a full service agency, which basically means when you work with us we can take care of all your businesses digital needs. We like to obsess over the details and we specialise in React.js and Shopify. Want to know more? Check out our services page.

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We work remotely

How Oena operates

Who said we have to work from one office to create meaningful solutions? See we work differently at Oena, we don’t believe in the nine-to-five work routine and being tied up to the desk. We understand that our best work is created when we feel our most comfortable. Thanks to apps like Slack, Notion and GitHub, we now have the option to work and collaborate from anywhere in the world.

We work with start-up businesses through to global organisations across the world

We love our clients

And they love us too
“Oena designed an amazing website for me last year - and my Antique and Vintage Jewellery business improved massively. They listened to all my ideas and often had better ones themselves. I get a lot of great feedback from customers about how wonderful it looks and how easy it is to use.”
Andrea JonsonOwner of Helen Badge Jewellery

Same voice, new look

We spruced up the branding for our second favourite client (Ourselves!)
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